No matter the industry, when it comes to high performance, it is the commitment, training and focus behind the scenes that delivers the best results.

Whether the field is sport, music or commercial, the highest performers are those who consistently invest in their own practice; this almost always involves some level of formal or informal coaching.

Coaching, whether life coaching or corporate coaching, is a powerful tool that can transform internal beliefs, remove psychological blockages, and eradicate past traumas. It can help us leverage our inherent talents and achieve our highest ambitions, in every aspect of life, from personal to professional. And it can equip us with the tools that we need to navigate the modern world with the correct mindset, whilst managing our emotional state for optimum results.
At Q&A Coaching, although we work across all genders, we specialise in developing coaching strategies for women. Our lead consultant coach Mike Crawford created Q&A Coaching specifically to help women excel in competitive commercial sectors, as he believes that meritocracy is the only future corporates (and the wider world) worth aiming for. Q&A Coaching adopts a mixture of coaching methodologies with informed insights from a patriarchal perspective, to help clients remove barriers and achieve success within both their professional and personal lives.
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Q&A Coaching brings together highly qualified and experienced life and career coaches, all focused on supporting professionals, especialy women, in eliminating unspoken societal inequities and removing invisible corporate ceilings.
Q&A Coaches use recognised therapies coupled with corporate insights to help clients deconstruct barriers and protocols for direct, sustainable benefit and measurable professional success.
Q&A Coaches also help clients deal with personal challenges, using a range of tried and tested methodologies including clear goal setting and accountability interventions.



Coaching is an integral tool for both individuals and organisations; an opportunity to reset and refocus in a safe space, delivering a clear return on investment. Corporate coaching is a recognised tool used to improve company culture, talent retention and acquisition, and individual and team performance.
Within personal contexts, coaching can help clients remove self-limiting beliefs that they were unaware of, as well as removing more obvious barriers to success.
Q&A Coaches are experts at creating and holding appropriate safe spaces, providing the opportunity to identify, decode and break any negative cycles which might be holding you or your organisation back.

key benefits

Excel in work & life

Understand some of the things that hinder your development and clear the path for real change

Balance & perspective

Get pure space, exclusively for you. Free yourself form agenda’s or limiting ideas projected by others or negative self-talk

Repeatable success

With Q&A Coaching YOU will find the answers and therefore will hold the key to repeat your successes

Healthy relationships

Build a better relationship with self, and those around you. Achieve healthier personal and professional relationships


Coaching interventions can be applied to all aspects of our lives. Unlike counselling, coaching is a structured process where a client has a clear and defined goal, with the coach helping them to focus on the attainment of said goal, holding them accountable and supporting them to remove self-limiting beliefs and barriers.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Career coaching is a powerful intervention; understanding how to silence internal self-doubt, whilst also gaining insights into the way that the patriarchal corporate world works, can lead to much more than promotion and increased remuneration.

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Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Life coaching covers a wide breadth of interventions, from providing methodologies to help deal with life’s stresses, right through to coping mechanisms for dealing with certain personality types or external triggers.

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Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching can be a challenging practice and is distinct from couples therapies. Q&A Coaching provides coaching for clients to provide insights into their relationship behaviours and limiting beliefs.

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  • Michael has been coaching me in different situations. What I appreciate most is his open-mindedness and empathy to see any challenge from my own personal perspective.
    Actively working towards a realistic outcome, he challenges my thought process by asking the right questions and he adds the unexpected to our conversations.
    That allows me to explore solutions other then I normally would, which has led more then once to amazing results.
    When needed I will definitely work with him again in the future.

    G. W.

  • I first met Mike more than 20 years ago when we studied together. Since then, we worked for the same corporate company for almost a decade and more recently I have been working with Mike extensively in his current capacity as a transformational coach and mentor. His ability to listen, ask relevant questions and push me to think differently have been invaluable to me in both a professional and personal capacity. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone looking for transformational coaching and mentoring.

    V. L.

  • I have been working with Michael for a few months now. What used to be a crazy scheme to overthrow the system has now taken shape as an initiative for institutional reform in public schools. With a very focused coaching session every second week I have been able to clarify my objectives and express them in a structured mission statement, search for (and find) allies, and gather data that is relevant to my proposal.

    Michael has helped me organize my thoughts with the questions that he poses in our meetings. He is extremely kind and listens actively while using his natural authority to keep my sights on positive outcomes. Michael has been able to point me towards all kinds of useful resources and doesn’t mind having a good laugh now and again. He empathises with my frustrations but doesn’t allow room for discouragement to grow. I get solid support along with frank and constructive criticism. My project is long-term. I have found the help I need to establish a strong foundation from the outset.

    V. C.

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