Mike Crawford is the founder of Q&A Coaching, a consultancy which brings together highly qualified and experienced life and career coaches, based across the UK, Europe and the US.

Mike is an anomaly – a non-conformist people-centric design engineer with emotional intelligence and an enviable career history, including influential, senior management roles at Apple and Nike.

Mike has spent a great deal of his career obsessed with the measurement of things; he recognises the importance of measurable and sustainable growth in all aspects of life. He is also extremely passionate about the potential for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things, and his role in supporting fellow humans through their own individual journeys.

Mike couples coaching techniques with insights that help to translate and deconstruct patriarchal systems and protocols; this combination supports self-development goals, providing reassurance to clients that their hard work and talent is enough, whilst arming them with practical guidance on how to level the 'playing fields' for themselves.

His passion for humanity and analysis drives his coaching practice, which is focused on supporting professionals, especially women, in removing unspoken societal inequities and breaking down the invisible walls of some corporate environments, through coaching..