Career coaching is a powerful intervention; understanding how to silence internal self-doubt, whilst also gaining insights into the way that the patriarchal corporate world works, can lead to much more than promotion and increased remuneration.

These two powerful approaches, which underpin Q&A Coaching’s career coaching strategies, also serve to improve self-esteem, eradicate imposter syndrome and effectively level the playing fields for our clients.

The corporate world can be very difficult to navigate at times, especially for women seeking to gain recognition and promotion within male-dominated industries. Coaching can help to improve confidence, whilst also removing nagging self-doubt and persistent self-limiting beliefs.

Coaching can also provide much needed distance and clarity. Perhaps there is work to be done to improve personal resilience or productivity; and perhaps the situation and environment the client is forced to operate within is toxic and therefore at fault. Career coaching often provides benefits for professional and personal life such as:

  • Imrpoved work-life balance
  • Increased sense of self-belief, self-satisfaction and self-appreciation
  • Reduction or removal of self-destructive habits
  • Reduction of fear or failure or imposter syndrome symptoms

Career coaching can be the difference between securing a pay rise or promotion, or simply coasting in a role that does not play to your inner strengths and expertise.
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