Testimonial 3

I have been working with Michael for a few months now. What used to be a crazy scheme to overthrow the system has now taken shape as an initiative for institutional reform in public schools. With a very focused coaching session every second week I have been able to clarify my objectives and express them in a structured mission statement, search for (and find) allies, and gather data that is relevant to my proposal.

Michael has helped me organize my thoughts with the questions that he poses in our meetings. He is extremely kind and listens actively while using his natural authority to keep my sights on positive outcomes. Michael has been able to point me towards all kinds of useful resources and doesn’t mind having a good laugh now and again. He empathises with my frustrations but doesn’t allow room for discouragement to grow. I get solid support along with frank and constructive criticism. My project is long-term. I have found the help I need to establish a strong foundation from the outset.

V. C.

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